SPECIAL PERMISSION NUMBERS: Enrollment in all language courses in African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages and Literatures is capped at 25.  Only in extraordinary circumstances will a student be issued a Special Permission Number (SPN). 

IMPORTANT NOTE: All SAS students must take a foreign language placement test in a language that they speak or have studied. Students are not eligible for graduation credit for the elementary level courses in languages in which they are native speakers or which they have studied in high school.

ARABIC AND HINDI PLACEMENT EXAMS: Arabic and Hindi placement exams are now offered online through the e-learning portal https://placement.elearning.rutgers.edu . Please review the table below to check if you are eligible to take the exam.  Results will be sent to the testing office and will be emailed to students. Due to the high volume of requests, kindly allow at least 5 business days for your results to appear before contacting the Arabic Coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Placement tests are usually graded once every few weeks during the semester. Placement Tests are not graded on a regular basis during the summer break.


 Eligible to Take the Placement Test (Please Continue)  Not Eligible to Take the Placement Test (Please Stop)
 a. You are not a heritage speaker AND you have experience studying the language.  a. You have no exposure or knowledge of the language (speaking, writing, or reading)
 b. You are a heritage speaker AND you have not taken any courses nor transferred credits.  b. You took courses in this language at the college level and you have transferred credits to Rutgers.
 c. You are a native speaker.  


Arabic Online Exam Link :


Hindi Online Exam Link:


Directions to the Exams:

Navigate to the drop-down menu on this page with instructions: 

  • Log into eLearning with NetID and password
  • Go to the dropdown menu at the bottom of the screen 
  • Select Test Name Placement Test from the menu to begin the test

World language Placement exams - Language Testing for Students.pdf (rutgers.edu)  

Office of Testing https://oirap.rutgers.edu/testplace.html  

For further questions regarding Arabic placements, please contact the Arabic Coordinator Professor Hanan Kashou. For question regarding the Hindi/Urdu placements please contact Professor Shaheen Parveen.


Persian Online Exam: