Global Africa, Migration, Literature and The Arts: Intercollegiate Symposium (Global Africa and The Humanities)

Rutgers University Intercollegiate Symposium March 28-29, 2019

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Symposium landing page imageThe Symposium Global Africa, Migration, Literature, and the Arts is intended to explore how Africans and people of African descent globally have been and continue to be at the center of complex histories of encounter and exchange, traversing geographic, generational, and cultural boundaries over the centuries. It will highlight the lived experiences of migration of, and its impact on, the people of Africa and its Diaspora through the prism of the arts – literature visual cultures and performances including film, comics, graphic arts, painting, photography, music, and dance. Departing from a critical examination of the discourses of migration, location, home and identity in the context of social and cultural transit, the symposium will position Africans and the African Diaspora as participants and players in the movement of both tangible and intangible matter – multi-generic ideas, texts, stories, memories, artifacts and performances— as they move through time and space in the World. In the final analysis, the symposium will highlight the multidimensional nature of the interchange between Africa and other regions of the world as experienced in the realm of the arts, demonstrating once again the global/international reach and scope of the arts and art movements from Africa and the African Diaspora.

School of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Center for African Studies, French department, Italian department, and the Zimmerli Art Museum

Conveners: Ousseina Alidou (AMESALL) and Renée Larrier (Dept. of French)

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Symposium Program

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Wednesday, March 27

Presymposium Film Screening: Maasai Remix 

Location: Scott Hall, Room 201, Rutgers College Avenue Campus, 1:10pm - 02:30pm

Symposium – Day 1

Thursday, March 28

Alexander Library Teleconference/Lecture Hall, Rutgers College Avenue Campus

8:00 am: Registration and Breakfast

9:00 am: Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:30 am: Panel 1 Global Africa, Material Cultures, and the Arts of Being

11:15: Coffee / Cacophonous cognates: Poetry Performance by Thato Magano

11:30: Keynote Address

Manthia Diawara: Global Africa: Some Trembling Thoughts From Edouard Glissant

12:45: Lunch

1:30: Panel 2 Global Africa, Hip Hop Cultures, and Sonic Agency

3:15 pm: In Honor of Kassahun Chekole and Africa World Press

Conversation with Christopher Wise on The Manuscript of Timbuktu

4:15 pm: Coffee Break

4:30 pm: Panel 3 Global Africa, Decolonial Praxis, and the Literary Imagination

6:30 pm: Reception

7:30 pm: Film Screening and Conversation

An Opera of The World by Manthia Diawara

Symposium – Day 2

Friday, March 29

Alexander Library Teleconference/Lecture Hall, Rutgers College Avenue Campus

8:00 am: Registration and Breakfast

9:00 am: Panel 4 Global Africa, Migrations, and the Ethics of Conversation

10:45 am: Coffee Break

11:00: Panel 5 Global Africa, Women’s Bio-Graphics, and the Practice of Diaspora

12:45 pm: Lunch / South African Writer, Sisonke Msimang

  pdf Reading from Always Mother Country: A Memoir of Exile and Home (324 KB)

1:45 pm: Panel 6 Global Africa, Aesthetic Mobility, and Digital Cultures

3:30 pm: Mother and Daughter as African Artists

Conversation between Adérónké Adésolá Adésànyà and Tosin Adésànyà-Olaleye

4:15 pm: Coffee Break

4:30 pm: Panel 7 Global Africa, Critical Blackness, and the Wakanda Imaginary

7:00 pm – 10:00 pm: Concluding Remarks and Celebration – ZIMMERLI MUSEUM