• Maryam Borjian
  • Teaching Professor
  • Phone: 848-445-4316
  • Office hours: By Appointment
  • Room #: 5122
  • Office address: 15 Seminary Place, College Avenue Campus
  • Education:

    Ed.D. Educational Linguistics, Columbia University

    Ed.M. Educational Linguistics, Columbia University

    M.A. Applied Linguistic/TESOL, City University of New York

    B.A. / M.A. History and Historical Linguistics, University of Tehran

  • Areas of Research/Interest:

    Dr. Borjian is Professor of Sociolinguistics and Language Studies in the Department of African, Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Literatures. Her research focuses on the politics, economics and sociology of language, language policy and planning, field linguistics, language documentation, and language and globalization.

  • Articles/Publications:


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    Journal Special Edition      

    Borjian, M. & Häberl, C. (eds.) (2016). Middle Eastern Languages in Diasporic USA Communities. International Journal of the Sociology of Language, 237.Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

    Book Chapters and Articles

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  • Courses:

    Introduction to Discourse Analysis

    Language and Globalization

    Language and Society in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia

    Language and Colonialism

    Persian Language and Culture