Quantum Justice - Crystal Endsley Taylor

Quantum Justice by Crystal Endsley Taylor

From the Publisher: Around the world, girls know how to perform. Grounded in her experience of “putting a mic in the margins” by facilitating workshops for girls in Ethiopia, South Africa, Tanzania, and the United States, scholar/advocate/artist Crystal Leigh Endsley highlights how girls use spoken word poetry to narrate their experiences, dreams, and strategies for surviving and thriving. By centering the process of creating and performing spoken word poetry, this book examines how girls forecast what is possible for their collective lives.

In this book, Endsley combines poetry, discourse analysis, photovoice, and more to forge the feminist theory of “quantum justice,” which forefronts girls’ relationships with their global counterparts. Using quantum justice theory, Endsley examines how these collaborative efforts produce powerful networks and ultimately map trajectories of social change at the micro level. By inviting transnational dialogue through spoken word poetry, Quantum Justice emphasizes how the imaginative energy in hip-hop culture can mobilize girls to connect and motivate each other through spoken word performance and thereby disrupt the status quo.


Teaching With Hip Hop - Lauren Leigh Kelly

Teaching With Hip Hop by Lauren Leigh Kelly

From the Publisher: This book presents practical approaches for engaging with Hip Hop music and culture in the classroom. As the most popular form of music and youth culture today, Hip Hop is a powerful medium through which students can explore their identities and locate themselves in our social world. Designed for novice and veteran teachers, this book is filled with pedagogical tools, strategies, lesson plans, and real-world guidance on integrating Hip Hop into the curriculum. Through a wide range of approaches and insights, Lauren Leigh Kelly invites teachers to look to popular media culture to support students’ development and critical engagement with texts.

Covering classroom practice, assessment strategies, and curricular and standards-based guidelines, the lessons in this book will bolster students’ linguistic and critical thinking skills and help students to better understand and act upon the societal forces around them. The varied activities, assignments, and handouts are designed to inspire teachers and easily facilitate modification of the assignments to suit their own contexts.

The impact of Hip Hop on youth culture is undeniable, now more than ever; this is the perfect book for teachers who want to connect with their students, support meaning-making in the classroom, affirm the validity of youth culture, and foster an inclusive and engaging classroom environment.

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