Yung, Lisa, and Larémont, Ricardo René

  • Lisa Yung and Ricardo René Larémont
  • Department of Asian and Asian American Studies, Binghamton University; Department of Sociology, Binghamton University
  • Abstract Title: Afro Asian intersections and migration

Bio: Lisa Yun works on diaspora, migration, and cross-racial cultural politics. Her book The Coolie Speaks (Temple) presents the “coolie narrative” in culturally hybrid forms of testimony and relates this to contemporary debates on new slavery, modernity and “freedom.” Additional work appears as chapters in Afro Asia (Duke), Transnational Blackness: Navigating the Global Color Line (Palgrave), The Chinese of Latin America and Caribbean (Brill) and in journals such as Afro Hispanic Review, SOULS: Critical Journal of Black Politics, Caribbean Quarterly, E-misférica, Journal of Chinese Overseas, Journal of Asian American Studies, Amerasia Journal, MELUS, Wasafiri, Black Book Review, among others. Most recently, she authored “Dethroning the Epics of Empire” for a forthcoming collection on Afro Asian connections of Latin America and Caribbean (Brill). Her poetry can be found in anthologies such as Identity Lessons (Viking Penguin) Roots and Flowers (Holt), The NuyorAsian Anthology (Temple), and journals such as The Paterson Literary Review, A Gathering of the Tribes, among others. For the department, Lisa also serves as the faculty administrator for the Peter T. and Shun Yee Chang Memorial Internship and was the co-principal investigator of the Freeman Foundation Grant.


Bio: Ricardo René Larémont is professor of political science and sociology at SUNY Binghamton and an Atlantic Council Senior Scholar. His principal books include: Altasawuf al-maghrebi: qadaya muasira (with Khalid Bekkaoui) (Moroccan Cultural Studies Centre, 2017); Pursuing Security and Shared Development in Euro-Mediterranean Migrations (with Emanuela Claudia del Re) (Aracne, 2017); Revolution, Revolt, and Reform in North Africa (Routledge: 2013); Al-rabia al-arabi: al-intifada w'al islah w'al-thawra (with Youssef Sawani) (Al-Maaref, 2013); Islamic Law and Politics in Northern Nigeria (Africa World Press: 2011); Borders, Nationalism, and the African State (Lynne Rienner: 2005); The Causes of War and the Consequences of Peacekeeping in Africa (Heinemann: 2002); and, Islam and the Politics of Resistance in Algeria, 1783-1992 (Africa World Press: 2000). His research has been supported by the Carnegie Corporation, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the United States Institute of Peace, the Office of Naval Research, and the United States Department of Education.

Larémont obtained a bachelor's degree cum laude from New York University School of Arts and Sciences, a juris doctor from the New York University School of Law, and a doctorate from Yale University.