• Roger Noguerol Ramírez
  • Producer and Musician
  • Abstract Title: El Cajon as a Symbol of Resistance

Abstract: In this presentation, I will focus on the cajon, a percussion instrument that has given life and color to two musical genres, Afro-Latin music and modern flamenco. The cajon was developed by Afro-Peruvian slaves, marginalized people who used this instrument to resist enslavement and maintain their spiritual and cultural traditions. While Afro-Latino music and Flamenco are two distinct genres that evolved on different continents, this particular instrument, the cajon, has united oppressed people and been used by both musical traditions in the spirit of resistance.


Bio: Roger Noguerol Ramírez is a graduate of the Catalonia College of Music in Barcelona, Spain. He specializes in jazz and modern music percussion. Ramírez teaches music and has lectured at Rutgers University. As a percussionist, he has worked with different types of music from varied cultures. His work explores the relationship between percussion instruments, power, and class.