Magori, Sani

  • Sani Magori
  • Filmmaker, and Journalist, Niger Republic
  • Abstract Title: Koukan Kourciya (The Cry of the Turtle Dove)

Bio: Sani Magori was born in 1971 in Galmi, Niger Republic. He graduated from a university in Algeria as a Saharan Agronomy Engineer. Magori worked as a journalist for various French and Niger Republic newspapers and completed a master’s degree at Gaston Berger University in Senegal. His documentary For the Better and For Onion at Cannes received the prestigious Jean Rouch Award at the African Documentary Film Forum in Niamey (2008), in addition to a dozen of other international awards. His documentary Koukan Kourciya (The Cry of the Turtle Dove) also won awards at FESPACO 2011 and LAFF 2012. Magori is currently teaching filmmaking at the School of Journalism and Film in Niamey. He created Maggia Images Film Production Company in 2010 and has since produced fifteen films, such as Aicha Macky’s Fruitless Three of (Niger) and Allamine Kader Kora’s The Promise of Biram. Since January 2018, Sani Magori has been the director of The National Center of Cinematography in The Republic of the Niger. 

Synopsis: Koukan Kourciya (The Cry of the Turtle Dove) is an award-winning movie. In the 1970s, the filmmaker’s father was one of many young Nigerien men who, as fans of the celebrated traditional female poet and singer known as Zabaya Hussey, took the advice given in her lyrics to migrate from the Niger Republic to wealthier coastal West African countries and return only in the rainy seasons to work. However, the men who left did not return. Forty years later, Sani sets out with Zabaya Hussey, traveling from Niger to Ivory Coast to find these men and, through new poems and songs, encourages them to return home finally.