Macky, Aicha

  • Aicha Macky
  • Sociologist and Filmmaker, Niger Republic

Bio: Aicha Macky holds a master's degree in sociology and is passionate about images. She’s specializing in African Documentary Film Forum (FAFD) in Niamey with the aim of becoming an international Expert documentary maker. She begins her filmmaking career with her first short Film “Moi et ma maigreur” (“Me and my thinness”) (13 min, 2011), which questions the perception of the “thin” body and the link that society makes with diseases such as AIDS. She obtained a Master I in Audiovisual and Creative Documentary at IFTIC in Niger then a Master II in Creative Documentary Production at the Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis in Senegal in 2013. Her film "Savoir faire le lit" questions the taboos and the unspoken around the question of sexual education between mother/daughter in Niger (African Documentary Film Forum of Niamey, African Cinemas Festival of Angers, Amiens Film Festival, Festival of Lausanne, Dakar Women's Film Festival). In 2016, she completed L’Arbre sans fruit ("The Fruitless Tree") (Maggia Images, The Films of the Balibari) on the delicate issue of infertility. The film has received distinctions in festivals around the world (AMAA, Hotdocs, Munich Dokfest, FESPACO, Festival Jean Rouch) and has been pre-purchased by numerous television channels including NHK.

In addition to her career as a filmmaker, Aicha is a trainer of trainers in mobile cinema, which is a component of the USAID program, PDEVII (Peace through Development). She supervises young people on the techniques of facilitating debates around short films made on real conflicts targeted in seven of the eight regions of Niger which have borders with neighboring countries in conflict situations (Nigeria, Libya, Cameroon, Burkina- Faso, and Mali). These films deal with community resilience and violent extremism. She is an Alumni winner of the Young African Leaders Initiative YALI, a U.S. program initiated by President Barack Obama which enabled her to do intensive courses for seven weeks in New York and Washington on civic engagement in 2016 with 1,000 other Africans from twenty sub-Saharan countries. She is also an Alumni Laureate of the International Personalities for the Future Program of the French Republic, which offers future leaders the opportunity to hold high-level meetings in France related to their activities and areas of interest. She was promoted Knight of the Academic Palms of the Niger Republic then Knight of the Arts and Letters of the French Republic for the quality of her artistic works. She is also the Ambassador-designate of the Oasis Niger incubator center responsible for the Empowerment of Women and Girls. Finally, she is a member of the International Committee for African Cinematographic Heritage (CPCA) responsible for identifying African films that will be restored and repatriated to Africa by 2020.

Synopsis: As a married but childless woman, Aicha finds herself in a situation that is totally “out of the ordinary” in her country, Niger, where women are expected to have children. But just like everywhere else in the world today, Niger also experiences problems with infertility. Based on her personal story, the director, Aicha Macky explores the private suffering of women in her situation with great sensitivity. Her own mother died in childbirth. She often thinks of her and addresses her silent questions to her mother as she tries to understand her own situation and that of women in general, in her country. Speaking openly as a childless woman among mothers, she breaks a taboo in Nigerien society.