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Global Africa and The Humanities Series

  • Femi Nylander

Femi Nylander is a Panafrican activist, filmmaker, poet and actor of West African descent who grew up in the UK, graduating from the University of Oxford in 2016 with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. His debut feature film, which he co-wrote and presented, is a dramatic investigation of the French colonization of Niger and the ongoing impacts on the local population. Delivered in French, English and Hausa, African Apocalypse premiered at the BFI London Film Festival to strong reviews. At 25, he has given two Ted Talks in the form of poems, on migration and public health respectively. As an anticolonial and Panafrican activist and organizer of the “Rhodes Must Fall” movement, he has appeared on ‘The Big Questions’, ‘Daily Politics’, ‘Good Morning Britain’ and 'The One Show'. Femi is also a keen musician who creates music, both solo and alongside his jazz funk band Pangolin. He enjoys mixing his passion for music with his passion for languages and African culture, and ‘African Apocalypse’ includes scenes of musical collaboration in Hausa with traditional griot singers.

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