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Global Africa and The Humanities Series

  • Amina Weira

Amina Weira was born in the city of Arlit where she attended her primary and secondary schools. She earned a bachelor's degree in Video Editing from Niamey Institute for Training in Information and Communication Techniques (IFTIC). She holds a master’s degree in creative documentary production from the Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis, Senegal. In 2011, she produced her first short film entitled “la musique de film/ Music for Film.” So far, she has produced four short films: "Des études au miel / Studies in honey," released in 2012; "C’est possible / It's possible," released in 2013; "Un geste, un cœur / A gesture, a heart" released in 2018, and "une scolarité confinée / a confined schooling," released in 2020. Amina is mostly known for her denunciation documentary, "La colère dans le vent / Anger in the Wind',' released in 2016. The film received multiple international awards and recognition.

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